Delta Leland kitchen faucet reviews

delta leland kitchen faucet reviews

Hey guys we have talked about Delta Leland kitchen faucet reviews here for you.

you know delta brand has produced the most classic kitchen faucets. But I find Delta Leland kitchen faucet most dynamic and classy .here I will talk about my favorite delta Leland 9178-AR -DST kitchen faucet.

Delta Leland has got praised by the customers all over the world because of its looks and is a high quality single handed kitchen faucet.its has many feature and capabilities which make it one of the best kitchen faucets and more love once among the users.

Delta Leland kitchen faucet reviews

There are a lot of talks about the modern features of Delta Leland 9178-AR-DST kitchen faucet. Let’s go through the features.

Advance feature of Delta Leland 9178T-AR-DST kitchen faucet :

  • This faucet was manufactured using the latest technology to make it leak proof. This is a kitchen faucet that is built to last twice longer than the other ordinary ones.
  • The docking has been fitted with powerful magnets. This is to make sure that there’s no droop over time and it stays leland latest technology
  • The powerful stream can easily cut through messes easily. This is located inside a protective sphere. This allows ninety percent less spatter and you would be able to soak or scrub only within a few minutes.
  • The installation process is quite easy and anybody can go it. So there’s no need to hire another guy to get it installed.

There’s a deck plate for three holes installation which allows better configuration.

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ADA compliant

Functionally, the Delta Leland 9178-AR-DST is topnotch, and also ADA compliant. The high arc spout swivels a full 360 degrees for complete sink access.

Pull-Down Spray Wand

It offers you the opportunity to have a single handle kitchen faucet that comes with a pull-down hose sprayer. And the pull-down spray wand features provides an impressive 20-inch reach.

MagnaTite Docking System

This Delta Delta Leland 9178-AR -DST faucet also features a Delta exclusive technology MagnaTite docking system. It uses a powerful integrated magnet to snap your faucet spray wand correctly into place and hold it there. stays docked So it once not in use and don’t droop over time.

Diamond Seal Technology

The DIAMOND Seal Technology uses a robust, diamond-seal valve that is Another Delta exclusive. It effectively removes the risk of leaks.

It helps your faucet perform like new for life. Also reducing leak points and lasting twice as long as the industry standard.

Touch-Clean Spray

The Touch-Clean Spray Holes is another Delta exclusive. It allows you to easily wipe away calcium and lime build-up with the touch of a finger.

TempSense Technology

Also, it has an automatic water flow shut-off feature. After four minutes helps maintain water, making it very water suitable. I like the faucet’s TempSense technology so that you’ll never move your fingers again. The valve has the color indicator at the base of changes color based on the temperature of your water: blue-pink-red for 80-95-110 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Touch20 Technology

The final, and very exciting, optional feature is Delta’s Touch20 technology. You will get the luxury of being able to turn your faucet on and off with just a touch. To turn the faucet on-off you need to touch the spout anywhere.


  • The faucet looks appealing and would suit any type of kitchen.
  • Doesn’t require much maintenance.
  • Strong materials ensure better durability.
  • Easy to fit and install.
  • Cleaning becomes easier and simpler.
  • Can resist water spots too.
  • The spray and the regular flow works excellent.
  • The customer support is very reliable and they respond quickly.


  • The hose can sometimes slip.
  • A bit expensive.
  • The plastic retainer on the cord simply springs free.
  • An instruction manual is best off while not.
    With this kitchen faucet from the Delta, you can rest assured that you have invested in a great faucet. It is an efficient gadget that would make the cleaning process much easier.


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9178-AR -DST kitchen faucet

What you need know before buying Delta Leland kitchen faucet?

The spray and stream modes, fortunately, use an on-off switch in order that once you power off and on the tap, it’ll keep in mind that mode you were exploitation before. Accessing the switch is simple and doesn’t need multiple clicks. exploitation the lever will take a touch obtaining won’t to once setting the water strength, and there’ll possibly be some splashing the primary few times.

Learning the way to change the strength of the lever, or rather, learning however sensitive it’s, will be a smart plan within the 1st month when purchase.

When comparison this style to a different, it’s clear that this style has been traced by other makers, however with totally different options, that speaks to its quality within the business. The handle is often put in on the left or the correct aspect, however, confirm to cheek the directions for the proper installation techniques. delta Leland kitchen faucet reviews help you to buy the best product.


Delta 9178-AR -DST is a high-end faucet that produces with superior technological upgrades. With some of the best features including single hand control, 360-degree swivel rotation and diamond seal valve, you can expect greater ease in usage and a durable faucet for their kitchen. At the price it retails for, with the brand name of Delta, I think it is a great investment.


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